Phone scams aren’t going away, what you can do about it

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Bankers in Alabama say customers are getting called by scammers posing as bankers, even using the bank's phone number to show up on their caller ID

Phone calls from scammers. No one wants them, but almost everyone gets them.

These calls can be frequent and intimidating. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it.

The Better Business Bureau of North Alabama says these scams are being run just like any other business.

“A normal business operation to them is calling, making money,” says Julia Cherry with the BBB of North Alabama. “It’s not out of the normal for you to receive more phone calls if you’ve picked up one time to a scammer.”

These scammers try to make you feel frantic, like you’re in trouble or someone you know is in trouble. They will say anything from claiming they are your grandson, to saying they are debt collectors.

Someone who actually needs something from you, would not make you give information to them over the phone. If it’s family or an emergency, the person will leave a voicemail and you can call back. But once you pick up the phone, they know the number is active.

“Honestly there is not anything that scammers aren’t calling about, which is extremely unfortunate,” says Cherry. “However, that’s just the world that we live in now.”

Cherry also says that putting your name on a “Do Not Call” list doesn’t help.

You can call your cell phone provider and they can put up a  ‘Robo Call Blocker’ that will warn you if they believe a call is a scam.

Cherry says if you are receiving these calls, it doesn’t mean your information has been compromised.

“All it means is that scammers know how to use the internet,” says Cherry.

The only reason you would need to be concerned is if they said they had your information and they gave it to you. In that case, contact the I.D. Theft Resource Center.

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