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Utility trucks on roadways can potentially spill debris and damage your vehicle

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - You may have noticed there are a lot of construction projects happening in the city. This is great for our growing community, but it also means there are more utility trucks on the roadways -- potentially damaging vehicles with flying debris.

Local auto glass repair shops are staying busy because of it.

“The sound of it alone scared me.” This driver experienced it firsthand, but didn't want to be named on camera.

“Coming down the parkway, something flew across, hit my window, fell off. I laid on the horn to catch the guys’ attention, we pulled over filed a police report," she said.

But because she couldn’t find the object that fell of the utility vehicle, the damage will be paid out of her pocket. $225.61, to be exact.

City ordinance on construction trucks carrying debris doesn’t require the load to be covered if the contents lie at least four inches below the top lid of the truck.

“If they go beyond that four inches, then they have to have a cover that covers the entire load.," explained Lt. Michael Johnson with the Huntsville Police Department.

Debris falling off a truck while driving can not only serioulsy hurt someone, it’s breaking the law. If an officer witnesses spillage off of one of these trucks, they will stop the vehicle, and issue them an arrest citation, with is similar to a state traffic ticket.

There's also an anonymous tip line for drivers who see this happening and want to report it to law enforcement.

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