Meals on Wheels Decatur needs Volunteers

DECATUR, Ala. - Meals on Wheels & More is a food delivery service that brings food to the doors of those that need it most.

More than 9 million seniors face the threat of hunger throughout the United States. As people age and family moves away many seniors are left alone and vulnerable.

Meals on Wheels  Decatur aims to help Alabama's most vulnerable. They go beyond just helping seniors, they want to help anyone who needs them no matter what age.  The program delivers a hot meal Monday through Friday as well as a copy of the Decatur Daily so that recipients can stay informed.

Meals on Wheels & More is operated by Community Action Partnership of North Alabama, Inc . The organization does not take state or federal money.

Being community-funded gives Meals on Wheels a wider range of service opportunity.  The organization does not have an age requirement or an income requirement for their clients. Kris Wiedmeier is the Food Service Manager for the Decatur branch and she says "This way we don't have to cut somebody off."

The 300 Decatur-area recipients are grateful for the daily meal. For some of the recipients, the contact with Meals on Wheels is the only human interaction they get on a daily basis and for others its the difference between living in a community home or living on their own.

"It makes my day" said recipient Margaret Cottingham, who has been receiving deliveries from Meals on Wheels for five years.

Meals on Wheels Decatur has a wait list of more than 30. Wiedmeier says they need volunteers and donations so that they can help more Alabamians.

"We need them desperately, we have a wait list right now and it's because of a lack of volunteers," said Wiedmeier.

If you're interested in volunteering, Wiedmeier says that they have a place for you.  Whether you want to volunteer one day a year or one day a week, they can use the help.

And by volunteering you may not just be helping other people, you just might benefit too.

"Knowing that these people are at home in their home because we bring them a meal because were there to check on them," Wiedmeier says. "It gives me that sense of worth."

Volunteers also receive community service hours, so Wiedmeier encourages groups to come out and help.

The Community Action Partnership of North Alabama does much more than food delivery. You can find a list of resources on their website,

People who need the service can call Meals on Wheels Decatur at (256) 351-6850. Or find their nearest location by typing  in their zip code at 

And those who want to volunteer with Meals on Wheels Decatur can Email Kris Wiedmeier at

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