Men rescue elderly woman from high flood waters

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Homer Nance Road looks very different than it did over the weekend. Waters were high and the street was closed off.

Monday, the road was clear and traffic was flowing.

One man says the flooding on Homer Nance was the worst he's ever seen.

"Me and my wife had just left date night actually. We were headed to Walmart to pick up some things to go home," Chris Johns explained. "When we came down Jordan Road, we saw safety cones and we saw a car in the water.'

Johns owns a lifted truck -- one he only uses on occasion.

"It's a 2000 F-250 Super Duty. It's got a 6-inch lift, 38-inch tires and if it ever snows or the rain gets too deep, or water gets too deep, I usually get phone calls from friends saying 'we're stuck, can you come pull us out?" said Johns.

He said thank goodness he was driving it that night.

"A buddy of mine had actually stopped and he said, 'There's a woman in the car and we need to get her out,'" Johns said.

Water on Homer Nance was high Sunday morning, but Johns says it was much worse the previous night.

"When we got her pulled out the water was about four and a half feet high," explained Johns. "I had to fully submerge myself in the water underneath her car to get it hooked up, to get her pulled out."

They had to act quickly.

"She maybe had another 5 minutes before the car was gone," he said. "The car was already full of water when we got to her."

Johns and his friend were able to pull the woman out of the flood waters to safety.

But the woman says she didn't know the road was closed because there were no cones.

Johns says kids in the area had been caught stealing them.

"They're there for a reason. Don't do it, it's stupid. The guy who stole the cones could've killed someone that night," explained Johns.

He urges people to be extremely cautious in flood situations. But he said as long as he has his truck people can always call him for help.


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