Hobbs Island business owner comes up with a creative way to prevent flooding

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Hobbs Island has had a lot of rain lately and even though the sun is out, they've still got a lot of standing water.

Hobbs Island Pit Stop has seen flooding in past years, but this year, owner Patrick Nickel said he's done everything he can to keep his store from flooding.

"Any water that does leak into the store will hit this low spot that we dug in the sidewalk, and it'll come out this doorway, then it will get pumped out into that hole down there," explained Nickel. "This water pump will act like a cannon and shoot the water back into the river, where it belongs."

It took just one day to make this contraption, but Nickel said he couldn't have done it alone.

"We had a lot of community involvement," he continued. "We had the neighborhood rally to help us fill up sandbags and dig the hole."

He says now that the rain has passed, he's not sure if he'll be able to test out his system. But he's glad he has it, and he's thankful for the people who came out to help him.

"Even if we didn't get to test this system, we definitely tested the community's consideration and involvement," Nickel stated.

Nickel plans to put a crate over the hole outside of his convenience store so he can use it again in the future if he needs to.

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