ALDOT to fix potholes after storms

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Viewers and WHNT News 19 staff have noticed potholes on multiple roads since the storms, and the Alabama Department of Transportation assures us it will address them.

Seth Burkett, North Region Public Information Officer at ALDOT, said the department is aware of the problem areas.

“We weren’t able to patch while the rain event was going on, as the mix won’t stay in when it’s wet, but we did scout and inventory potholes so we could prioritize needed repairs based on severity and traffic volumes, for quick fixes and long-term repairs. Expect to see many being repaired this week,” he stated in an email to WHNT News 19.

The worst pothole ALDOT officials noticed in the Huntsville area is on I-565 near the Research Park Boulevard exit. WHNT News 19 meteorologist, Christina Edwards, and photojournalist Kait O’Riley noticed it on their way back to Huntsville during Saturday’s storm coverage.

ALDOT has been able to patch many of the potholes West of the exit Sunday, Burkett said, and the rest we are told will be high priorities for crews.

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