Detectives warn of fake training money circulating around Albertville

ALBERTVILLE, Ala. — Albertville Police Department detectives are seeing an increase in fake training money circulating around the city.

With just a quick glance, it’s hard to tell the difference between the fake money detectives have seen crop up over the last few weeks, and the real stuff. “It’s printed for banking training purposes in Asia,” Detective John Thompson explained.

At a closer glance though, you can differentiate. The fake bills feel different from regular currency. They’re also marked in pink and have slashes printed over some of the numbers. “To show that that bill is for training purposes only, and you can also see the counterfeit pen marks brown,” Thompson explained.

It’s not illegal to possess the fake money. It is illegal to knowingly use it as currency. “There are some people passing it as legal tender, which is against the law, and we’d like to talk to those,” Thompson said.

He added they want people to be on the lookout so they don’t lose out on their money, and pay attention to the bills they take in.

If you come across some fake dollars you can call your local law enforcement agency to turn it over to investigators.

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