Man looks to return Huntsville woman’s Army awards

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A North Alabama man trades and sells things on the internet and flea markets. He's recently come across some very valuable items, but these items really don't have much monetary value.

Kevin Stapler said these sentimental items are priceless, "I couldn't imagine being separated from something I dedicated my life years to earn."

He has several U.S Army certificates, plaques, and pins belonging to an Anita G. Hughes, presumably of Huntsville.

He says many people try to sell this kind of stuff.

"It really surprises me sometimes some of the items I see people will have for sale. That either the families didn't want the stuff or the people that have found the stuff," explained Stapler. "They have no conscience to give it back. It's all about the bottom line to them, it's about making money."

He also recovered a bunch of her family photos, baby pictures, graduation photos and pictures of elderly family members who are no longer living.

Stapler said his heart made him reach out for help returning Anita's belongings.

"If you buy two thousand dollars worth of merchandise and this lady's military stuff is in it, that military stuff isn't going to bring more than 15 or 20 dollars and you've bought two thousand dollars worth of stuff that's going to turn a huge profit."

He hopes someone will see WHNT News 19's story and contact her.

"It doesn't matter how she got separated from them, it just matters we get them back."

WHNT News 19 has reached out to an Anita Hughes on Facebook with no response.

Anyone who knows the woman these awards belong to and can get in contact with her is urged to email WHNT News 19 reporter Dallas Parker at


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