A cure for rainy weather blues

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Experts say exercise is a cure for cabin fever when you're stuck indoors due to weather.

With prolonged rain, many of us fall victim to a slump that can seemingly only be cured with sunshine. But movement can get us out of that rut.

Nastacia Bove said in this weather she's feeling, "Pretty tired and lazy, mainly. But also a little slow and brain fog." She added, "I've had it. The dogs have it big time. We're just trying to get out as much as we can."

But she said it can often a struggle to find the motivation to be positive and get moving in weather like this.

"Trying to get to the gym to get my motivation back up, because otherwise, I'd be watching Netflix," she said.

Jason Edwards, Orangetheory Fitness General Manager, explained that she has the right idea. He assured us that endorphins released during exercise are a sure cure for the rainy weather blues and cabin fever.

"Those endorphins have one function, to mask pain. So all the pain we are feeling because of this, we're going to release those endorphins there and you'll feel 1000 times better," he explained. "With this kind of weather, you're not running on the streets. That's the beauty of having a climate-controlled environment like this. It's like a ray of sunshine every day. We do heart-rate based interval training. We put you up on a monitor. You work at a rate that will give you the results you need."

He said it's often a mood-changer for gym members.

"Our members come in here and their mood is dramatically better after the fact than before," Edwards stated.

Bove added, "This week, it's especially helpful just to get me out of the house. Somewhere I need to go where I feel better, I'm doing something that's healthy for myself where I'm not just eating and sitting at home."

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