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El Nino Officially Arrives For The Upcoming Spring

NOAA officially announced that El Niño has arrived this week. The Climate Preiction Center issued the El Niño Advisory on Thursday, February 14th where they indicated El Niño conditions are likely to continue through our upcoming spring.

What is El Niño? El Niño is a phenomena in which the waters of the central Pacific Ocean (near the equator) warm above average. The warmer waters can create a stream of moisture that flows from the central Pacific eastward across Central America, also influencing weather patterns in North and South America.

How Can El Niño Influence Our Weather? El Niño can bring in more moisture to the southern half of the US, which can also moderate temperatures. In the winter and spring, El Niño typically brings cooler and wetter than average weather to the Southeast.

El Nino Impact on US Winter Weather (Image:

Every El Niño event varies in its exact influence and intensity. The El Niño that has developed for the coming months is very weak. In fact, it’s unlikely that it has a significant influence over our weather as compared to other normal springtime weather patterns.

We’ll bring outlook updates as we get closer to spring, and of course you can also always find the local forecast here:

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