Capshaw Road traffic causing hazards and one local woman is asking for change

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - It's been years since Capshaw Road has been given an upgrade, and with Huntsville's population rising exponentially, some residents are saying the road has become too dangerous with all the traffic.

"At Capshaw and Nance down there you'll have a two-mile back up, people come flying down Capshaw Road, doing 70 miles an hour," said resident, Dawn Armstrong.

Armstrong says so many people are on this road that it's hard to get onto the road without a stop light and she's worried for her town's safety.

"This is a problem and lives are going to be lost," said Armstrong.

Armstrong has been talking to District 4 County Commissioner Phil Vandiver to try to get them to fix this, but she says nothing has changed.

Vandiver says it's a long process, but they're trying to make changes to help.

"We have bought two radar machines in our area that are on poles that we move around from location to location," said Vandiver.

He explained that they have to move the radar speed signs every few weeks, otherwise people will start to ignore them.

"You get less effect with this the longer they stay. Then you get to the point where people will try to see how big they can get that number," said Vandiver.

But Armstrong wants them to bring the signs back and to get more officers to watch the area.

"This is a problem and lives are going to be lost," said Armstrong.

But Vandiver says they're working to make changes, and they hope to expand Capshaw Road to four lanes by 2024.

"These are very high dollar projects, it can take some time," said Armstrong.

He says they're planning the project and working on finding the funds to execute the construction.

"On the east side of Jeff Road, it's not quite as far along as the other projects but it's a 13.1 million dollar estimated project. The other side, just to go from Nance to Jeff is a 10 million dollar project," said Vandiver.

Vandiver says he's always interested in keeping the roads safe. He loves to hear the concerns of the people and is happy to work with them.

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