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February 22-24 is Alabama’s Severe Weather Preparedness Tax Free Weekend

The weekend of February 22-24 is Alabama’s severe weather preparedness sales tax holiday. This means you can buy common items that cost less than $60 tax-free: items like batteries, cell phone chargers, radios, and self-powered light sources can be purchased tax free.

While those items are usually first on your list, there’s also a few covered that you might not know you need.

Items like tape, non-electric can openers, and ice packs would definitely be useful in the case of severe weather.

Coolers, ice packs, plywood, window film and smoke/fire/carbon monoxide detectors would also be helpful during spring and summer seasons. Portable generators and power cords costing $1,000 or less are also tax free, according to the Alabama Retail Association.

Make sure to take advantage of the tax free weekend. We here at WHNT want to make sure you’re protected in any severe weather event.

Items will be tax-free until Sunday night at midnight. You can double check if your town or county is participating in the event by visiting the website.

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