Second Chance Job Fair will give all a chance at a fresh start

HUNTSVILLE Ala. -- A job fair designed to give anyone a second chance is coming to North Alabama on February 27. Preparation seminars are helping to make sure everyone is ready for the job fair. Many are getting help towards a new career, no matter where they started from.

"I went to prison, I did 15 months. I got out of prison. The parole board, one of my requirements was to go to the DRC program," said Shontavis Ayers, a member of the Ready to Work program.

The DRC program is the Daily Reporting Center which helps provide certifications for jobs, GED, and career skills in the Ready to Work program. An instructor in the program, Brenda Bryson said in order to create change there have to be opportunities.

"Each day that we take a life in, it's a second chance. It's a second homemaker, it's a second individual that's trying a new career because perhaps they lost a job. Or it's a parolee, which is who I work with. They're getting a second opportunity for life," said Brenda Bryson, a Ready to Work instructor.

"When you thought nobody else would give you an opportunity at life by coming out of prison or being an ex-felon, this program does not judge you like that. They do not stereotype you, they are actually there to help you," said Ayers.

Before the job fair, Calhoun Community College is offering everyone a chance to hone their interview skills and improve their resumes.

"The job fair gives you a better opportunity to be a productive citizen in the community. They actually give you a second chance at life when you thought that nobody else will believe in you or give you a chance. There's somebody out there that will give you a chance," said Ayers.

Ayers said the program has brought him one step closer to a job in construction.

"Since it helped me, I feel like that once I complete it and get my help, I can help someone else, and build them up to encourage them to be strong and never give up," he said.

The job fair and the job preparation seminars are open to anyone who is unemployed, underemployed, feel they are not achieving their full potential, or are in need of a second career chance.

The job fair preparation seminars continue this week with two sessions on Thursday and another two on Friday in the CCC Adult Education Center.

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