Russellville West Elementary Kidcam!

Get ready for a treat!  The smiling faces I saw this morning showed more than some young Golden Tigers: they’ve got golden hearts, too!  Say hello to the Kindergarten at Russellville’s West Elementary School.  I went there Tuesday morning expecting to read a story, talk a little weather, and have some fun (you never leave a Russellville school having anything other than a good time).  Instead, they were serving.  You may notice in the video some had baseball caps on supporting Kruz’n for a Kure (more here if you’re not aware of Kruz Davenport’s struggle with Schimke Immuno-Osseous Dysplasia) AND bringing ‘Bears for Brody’ honoring my three-year-old’s fight with congenital heart disease.

Normally the story is about what 'we' did together, but on this day, these kids blew me away with their generosity and smiles.  The bears they donated will go to Children's of Alabama for kids who need something to snuggle with during a scary time.  If you've never seen it in person, you'll never know the impact a simple stuffed animal can have.  It's a big deal to little ones suffering with illness.

Thank you Golden Tigers!  You made a special day even more special for a lot of people: including my own family.  Russellville, you've got a LOT to be proud of.

Go Tigers!

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