Limestone County officials say those with finicky phone signal should have backup plans

ATHENS, Ala. - Citizens near East Limestone County have recently reported issues with signal and mobile service in their area.

Limestone County Commissioner Steve Turner said other than issues with a cell tower, there are dead-zones in rural areas.

"The tower coverage may not be as good in some of the more rural parts or some of the more rural parts of the state," explained Turner. "You've just got to be aware of where you're going. "

Turner said he himself recently experienced the same issues.

"Two days back to back, my phone was acting kind of crazy, in the morning, but I cut it off and cut it back on and everything seemed to be okay later in the day."

Athens-Limestone County 911 issued an online statement and shared our weekend story on its Facebook page.

"You could still text 9-1-1 to get that through if you happen to have an emergency that you need a response to," said Turner.

While matters are being sorted out, Turner recommends laying out all of your options

"That would be the checklist that I'd go down, 'Do I have a landline? Is it working?' If not, go check with my neighbor if I can get there," explained Turner. "Some of these cases we're talking about, someone may or may not be able to get to their neighbor. Maybe someone is down inside of their home and can't get there."

County officials say citizens should continue to report service outages to AT&T.

And they remind you that it is the FCC, not county officials, who decides what maintenance is done on cell phone towers.

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