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Bakery owner says support for ‘Build the Wall’ cookies means Washington store has never been busier

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EDMONDS, Wash. – A bakery in Washington state has grabbed national attention after making a cookie that shows support for the southern border wall.

One woman found the slogan on the cookie offensive and posted about it on social media.

Since then, the post has gone viral and the cookies have been selling.

Edmonds bakery owner Kenneth Bellingham wrote on a cookie, “Build the Wall.” He says it was a treat for his daughter-in-law and he initially had no plans to sell the cookie. “I wasn’t going to sell those cookies. That wasn’t my plan. The cookie just got put out there and somebody thought that I was selling them. It was part of my collection.”

Bellingham says when the cookies were put in the display case, a customer snapped a photo of the cookie and abruptly left.

Ana Carrera is the one who says she was offended by the cookie’s slogan and posted about it in a Facebook group. “I instantly figured this is part of the rhetoric that he believes in that comes out of this bakery. I just took it upon myself to post it on Facebook to see what others thought of it and it just took off from there. But it’s definitely something I do not like.”

Bellingham says he’s gotten a couple of letters calling the cookie racist but he also says he’s received thousands of orders for the “Build the Wall” cookie from across the country.

“Now we are selling them because people ask for them. No, I don’t think it’s racist. I think it’s about border security.”

Bellingham says he’s never been busier since the post went viral and he’ll keep making the cookies as long as people want to buy them but he has no plans to ship them across the country. “I don’t want to get into all of that. I just want to be a baker but I want to have the right to bake what I want to do.”

Carrera says she’s not surprised that people still support the bakery but she chooses not to go back to Edmonds Bakery again.

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