AT&T customers in Athens concerned about cell service issues

ATHENS, Ala.- Some residents of Limestone County are concerned about their spotty cell phone service. They aren't able to make calls - even to 911.

"It started out with my son actually contacting me that lives down the road that he could not call out on his cell phone,"  said Vickie Palzewicz. Then I started noticing people here in the neighborhood posting on our neighborhood Facebook that they could not call out as well."

Palzewicz says it's not a problem for everybody in Athens.

"It is a good percentage, because the gentleman at the AT&T store said hundreds of customers are affected by this tower outage," she added.

Her son William Weiland says he can send and receive texts from his house, but not being able to make calls is concerning.

"I have health issues and if I were to have a seizure here at my house, I live by myself, I would have no way of calling out," said Weiland. "It has put me in a bind because there is no way of calling 911. It drops the call and says its not a valid number."

He just wants to know how this problem is going to be solved.

"We can't get any clear cut answers from anyone," he added.

He feels like AT&T is giving him the run around. That's when Palzewicz stepped in.

"I contacted the FCC and filed a complaint against AT&T so that we can get this problem fixed," she explained. "Individuals need to have a way to contact 911 should they need assistance."

She's supposed to hear back from them on Monday.

We reached out to the Director of the Limestone County 911 Center, Brandon Wallace. He told us he's aware of problem, and that he's reached out to his AT&T contacts.

Meanwhile, if there's an emergency, the 911 center in Limestone County suggests those dealing with the problem to text 911. They just need to make sure they provide their specific location.

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