Student identified in Colbert County school threat

COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. - A student has been identified by authorities as making a threat at a Colbert County high school. The threat was found at the school on Thursday by other students who alerted administrators.

Activities at Colbert Heights High School were as normal as possible on Friday. By 11 a.m., Students were gathering in the lunchroom for a mid-day break.

Just 24 hours earlier, a student found a disturbing message in the boy's restroom.

"It did say, poorly written, 'I'm going to school shoot', is what it said," stated Principal Katie Dalrymple. "It was not a complete sentence."

The threat went on to place a date for the shooting as February 7. Dalrymple immediately notified their school resource officer and an investigation launched. Access to the campus and student movement became controlled.

"We have been working very diligently since yesterday, since receiving the threat, and we feel like we have pulled back on the alarm a little bit," Dalrymple continued.

Dalrymple says she combed through surveillance camera footage with investigators to help identify any possible suspects. They also used mandatory sign out logs which are placed in every classroom.

"Those pass logs are essential to knowing who is in and out of the classroom," she explained. "I could pinpoint the students who left the classroom at those points and that's where we started our investigation and that is ultimately where we have ended."

The student will face disciplinary action through school system policy and could face criminal charges as well.

During this heightened state of awareness, Colbert County School Resource Officers have been doubled up here, to ensure the safety of everyone on campus.

It will be up to the Colbert County District Attorney's Office to determine if the student will be charged criminally in this case. Extra school resource officers will stay in place at Colbert Heights High School until law enforcement and school administrators feel comfortable.

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