Rainbow Elementary School celebrates National Kindness Week

MADISON, Ala. - Every year from January 28th through February 1st, many schools celebrate Kindness Week.

This year, Rainbow Elementary School's gifted teacher Keri Scroggins decided to get her school involved.

"I signed our school up for the kindness challenge, looking for something meaningful and fun for the fifth-grade gifted students to do," said Scroggins.

Her fifth-grade gifted class took over the challenge and found fun ways to spread kindness through the school each day.

Principal Brian Givens said he's so proud of how his students lightened the halls.

"They've started all week singing songs and welcoming us with encouraging signs, trying to spread kindness like confetti throughout our building," said Givens.

The fifth graders say they've loved this week, and they think it's very important. Fifth-grader Lily Cook said it's been a lot of fun.

"The point of this is to show how important it is to be kind and make it a fun way of doing it," said Cook.

Fifth-grader Olivia Zimnowski said students like her friends could change the world by being kind to each other.

"Every kid needs to be nice and kids can make the biggest difference in the world," said Zimnowski.

And fifth-grader Arnav Maskey says this week means more than just spreading kindness.

"It's not just about spreading kindness, it's also to prevent bad things," said Maskey.

Scroggins says that this week is a happy one for students but it also helps prevent bullying.

"I hope this just continues throughout the year and throughout the rest of their lives, and I hope since they have siblings and parents that this just spreads all through Madison and spreads kindness and joy all through the city," said Scroggins.

And Maskey agrees. He says he hopes his peers learn an important lesson from this.

"I hope that they learn that they are able to spread kindness with one easy smile or just something like that. That could lift someone up from a bad day," said Maskey.

You can go here to find out how you can get your school involved in The Great Kindness Challenge next year.

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