Inspiring couple takes their New Year’s resolution to a new extreme

MADISON, Ala. - Now that the first month of the year has come and gone, many people have said goodbye to January and goodbye to their New Year's resolutions. But then there are those rare people who are able to stay motivated year round -- the inspiring ones who are determined to make the most of their 365 days.

One couple who takes the term "New Years Resolution" to the next level is Cliff Cantrell and his wife Sherry.

The two are starting their year out training at the local YMCA. The couple is getting ready to ride bicycles across the entire United States.

In July they plan to take a trip on two wheels, starting in Seattle, Wash., and ending in Key West, Fla. Cliff says the trip will be about 5,600 miles. The couple is showing that age is just a number.  Cliff is 79 years old, and Sherry is 70.

Cliff has already made a bicycle trip cross country four times but for Sherry, this is a first. She originally wanted to complete the ride 10 years ago when she was 60, but she says life got in the way so 2019 is the year it will happen.

The couple said their advice for people who are interested in completing their own goals is, "to train every day, you have to seek your goal every day,"  Cliff says. Some days it's even hard to get out of bed but just like when the couple is on the trip, they have no choice but to get up and get going.

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