One person dead in house fire on Stevens Avenue

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Police are still working to determine the cause of a fire at a home on Stevens Avenue Thursday night.

Authorities confirmed that one person was found dead in the home. The victim has been identified as Jennifer Lynn Hollis from Huntsville.

Firefighters said they were called to the house when the 911 dispatch center received a call for help from someone who said their home was burning.

As of 10:00 p.m. fire crews were working to extinguish hot spots at the home and police had blocked off nearby streets. They started to reopen roads around 10:30 p.m.

Fire officials said neighbors helped tremendously by moving hoses and helping direct traffic.

Police believe Hollis was one of the people who called 9-11 to alert fire crews about the fire. They say, at this point in the investigation, the evidence shows she was alone in the house. They have not determined a cause of the fire.

Jennifer Hollis

We are learning more about the person Jennifer Hollis was. She lived across the street from Restoration Church Five Points. Pastor, Jasper Morris says he will remember her as an extremely giving person.

Morris says he is still in shock.

"That loss it's heartbreaking, man, you know? She had so much great potential," he said.

Morris says he has known her since she moved in across the street.

"She helped a lot of homeless people, like the people came to the church. We had more people come to our church from her and her giving heart because she attracted homeless people and people in need," he said.

He says she often offered people a place to stay.

"She helped people as if she was a homeless shelter, even if she didn't have power in her house. She would have no electricity and she still was helping people," he said.

He says he was especially giving this time of year.

"Around this time of the year, cold, she would just give. People would come and she would just let them live there for weeks with no..."

No rent money. He says they wouldn't pay to live in her home.

"Jennifer had a giving heart. She was a big giver, even to a fault." He later said, "Some would take advantage of her. Take advantage of her heart. That's what I've seen that was very good, but it attracted the wrong people."

Even so, he will remember her for her willingness to assist others.

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