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Huntsville continues to enforce humane conditions for dogs living outdoors

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – In October 2018, The Huntsville City Council approved new pet ordinances directed at safeguarding pets living outdoors.

Pet owners that leave their animals outside unattended on their property are now required to provide a humane restraint for these animals, which means dogs cannot be chained.

The City strengthened pet regulations regarding humane shelter, space, food and water ordinances to ensure appropriate care of dogs.

New pet safety rules:

All animals left outside by themselves are required to have access to clean, fresh water and proper food. Pets also must have a structurally sound, water- and wind-proof sufficient size shelter, and a trolley system or runner attached to a pulley on a cable run or a minimum of 200 square feet chained link kennel run.

The City provided a generous grace period to allow pet owners ample time to comply with these new ordinances since the council approved the ordinance in October 2018.

Beginning March 1, 2019, these new ordinances will be enforced by Huntsville Animal Services officers.

Pet owner assistance:

Helping Animals Without Shelter (HAWS) is a local non-profit that seeks to help animals survive the elements. The organization will be available to assist pet owners who are not able to afford or set up the trolley runner. More information is available at and, or contact HAWS at

For more information, contact Karen Buchan, Huntsville Animal Services, 256-883-3945, Visit, or check them out on Facebook.

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