Huntsville Hospital puts weather plans into action

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Huntsville Hospital is always ready for any sort of bad weather.

And even though many people weren’t sure how the weather would turn out Monday night, the hospital put their bad weather plan into action.

“We start watching the weather several days out, or any type of event that might come up,” said Joyce Thomas, Huntsville Hospital’s manager of emergency preparedness.

Thomas spent Sunday watching the weather and letting the staff know that they might have to stay at the hospital overnight.

“We’ll put you up if you need a place to stay because we’ve got a lot of commuters in our community, so we’ll have a place here for them,” said Thomas.

And Thomas says multiple nurses, doctors and employees from the emergency department stayed at the hospital Monday night so that they could be there no matter what the roads were like Tuesday morning.

“Our job continues! If the weather’s bad we don’t shut down,” said Thomas. “We continue and we want to be here for those patients that might need us. So we want all staff that can come in to stay here.”

Even though some people were disappointed that there wasn’t any snow, Thomas says they were glad they could prepare for the real disasters this time without any actual chaos.

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