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Find out where the money raised from Girl Scout cookies actually goes

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - On February 8th the famous Girl Scouts will be providing us with one of America's favorite sugar fixes.

People spend a lot of money on these cookies and these girls are out rain and shine making sure everyone can get a bite. But where do the proceeds go? You may be familiar with the Girl Scouts, but you may not know exactly what the girls in the organization do besides sell cookies.

“100 percent of the Girl Scout Cookie proceeds stay local," Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama CEO Karen Peterlin said. "Girls set goals as a troop and decide how they want to use their earnings. Over 95 percent of our troops use some of their proceeds to give right back to the community, and they also go camping and travel as a troop. Our council uses our percentage of the proceeds to upkeep our four beautiful camp properties and to provide amazing programs and events for our girls.”

The girls in a local Huntsville troop say they use their for character building activities as well as camping trips and other events. This year the troop is going to Savannah, Ga., to see the birthplace of Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low. The money also goes to help out an organization of the troop's choice. This troop chose to use their money to send letters to soldiers abroad.

"We just send them like joy cards,  thank you for your service and it`s really fun, " said Girl Scout Baley Foust, "It means a lot to make people feel happy."

Now you know that buying the iconic cookies isn't just fulfilling your sugar fix, it's making a difference in your community.

You should also know that this is the last year to get "Savannah Smiles" lemon wedge cookies, so you may want to stock up!

Troops begin booth sales on February 8. You can find a booth near you by visiting

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