Winter weather brings hazards for drivers

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - Winter weather is on its way and with that comes winter weather hazards.  Road crews are going to be working overnight to monitor the roads and share condition updates as they come. The Huntsville Fire and Rescue team recommends that everyone who can stay home tonight and tomorrow morning, do so.

"The biggest concern is people just getting out when they don`t need too. We know people want to get out and see the snow. But just stay in your area, enjoy that there and save the roadways. We don't want anyone to get hurt so stay safe," said Captain McKenzie of Huntsville Fire and Rescue.

Captain McKenzie also advised drivers not to call 911 if they see a vehicle along the roadways that is wrapped in yellow caution tape. He says if the vehicle is wrapped in caution tape it means that a rescue agency has already checked out the vehicle.

Madison City Schools are going to be closed tomorrow in an effort to keep students and faculty safe.

"We transport more than 5000 students on buses day and so to put buses on roads, teenage drivers and that doesn't take into account the more than 1000 employees. So it is something we take very seriously," said Superintendent Robby Parker.

Parker says they will decide tomorrow afternoon whether or not they will reopen Wednesday.

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