North Alabama Food Bank still helping furloughed workers

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Last week, Shirley Schofield from the North Alabama Food Bank said they were needing diaper donations.

This week, since the government is up and running again, they're focusing on helping those who still haven't gotten a paycheck and also preparing for the future.

"So, we're really happy that the shutdown is over, at least for now, and that people are able to go back to work, but a lot of the people we're helping, a lot of the people in this community, are contractors who are not necessarily guaranteed back pay," said Schofield.

Schofield added the food bank knows that it will take most of the week before people get back pay, which is why they're still asking for donations.

"We did bring in some extra produce, we got that shipment in today," Schofield continued. "So we're pretty well stocked for that right now, but it's just really the canned goods that we're a little bit low on."

They're still taking any donations.

One member of the Fellowship of Faith Church, Vernon McCants, worked together with his church to fill up a U-Haul with food for the furloughed workers, even though they're back at work.

"Even though the government is up and runningĀ  within the last two days, that doesn't mean that they're not at risk of hunger," stated McCants.

If you'd like to donate food or hold your own food drive, you can go to North Alabama Food Bank's website to find out what they're needing and where to donate.

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