Two Colbert County Schools delayed tomorrow, August 26

Montgomery judge orders former Alabama Governor, former head of ALEA into mediation ahead of September trial

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ala. – A Montgomery County Circuit Judge ordered those named Spencer Collier’s lawsuit to meet for mediation before the upcoming September trial in this case. Collier is the former head of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency under then-Governor Robert Bentley.

Collier named Bentley, his former top political aide Rebekah Mason and the Alabama Council for Excellent Government in a lawsuit filed in April 2016.  The court filing provided two mediators to the parties involved. They must meet within 45 days to work toward a settlement.

The lawsuit is centered on the changing relationships between Collier, his former friend, and boss, then-Gov. Robert Bentley and the man who replaced Collier as the head of ALEA, Stan Stabler.

Collier was fired by Bentley in March 2016 amid claims by Bentley and Stabler about the misuse of state funds. The next day Collier held a press conference denying wrongdoing and claiming Bentley was having an affair with his top political aide, Rebekah Mason.

Collier filed a lawsuit. The allegations dogged Bentley, who resigned from office in April 2017.

In December 2017, a judge ruled that Bentley had the right to fire Collier but he allowed claims of defamation invasion of privacy and conspiracy to remain.

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