Local grocer says customers are buying more than just “bread and milk”

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  With the possibility of snow, comes the possibility of being snowed in.

People hit the grocery stores hard Monday, purchasing all of the necessities in case they are stuck inside.

"They say they're coming in for bread and milk but of course that's not what it is," said Alexis Hefline, a cashier at Star Super Market. "We're selling everything from hamburger meat, steaks, you name it."

Market employees said they've been striking up weather conversations with customers all week.

There were mixed responses from customers in the store.

Heflin said she is always skeptical about the winter weather in our area. But the store is stocked just in case.

"I tell them, 'oh you know they've said this so many times and we never get it,'" said Heflin. "They say, 'oh, I think we're gonna get it this time.' So we're getting prepared."

The store is selling many items that maximize servings and a lot of items that don't have to be cooked at all.

"Peanut butter, jelly, milk, butter, eggs, you know the normal things," said Heflin. "A lot of them buy like chili in the can or sandwich meat. Stuff like that in case the electricity is off, they want something they're able to have."

In the event that people do lose electricity, one employee recommended having a cooler and ice to safely store food.

And though employees said customers are buying a variety of groceries, many customers really were making sure they stock up on their bread and milk.

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