Furloughed workers back on the job after shutdown

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.-  Monday was the first day back for hundreds of workers at Redstone Arsenal who were sent home by the partial government shutdown.

"It's been way overdue," AFGE Local 1858 union president Abner Merriweather said. "It was 35 days that have made history."

On Friday, President Trump opted to give Congress more time to work out an agreement to find nearly $6 billion to pay for a southern border wall. The continuing resolution gave relief to thousands of furloughed workers who'd missed two straight paychecks.

"It's a great help to those employees to help them with passed due bills, medical bills, tuition," Merriweather said.

Workers at Marshall Space Flight Center will be getting their back pay on Wednesday and Thursday. The president is giving lawmakers in DC until February 15th to pass a border security plan for him to sign.

"This is just a band aid fix," Merriweather said. "Three weeks down the road, we hope this will turn into a permanent fix."

For workers in Huntsville, their missed time has already been entered, but they may need to appeal for any premium pay and 'use it or lose it' days they couldn't take. If a deal isn't reached in DC, Merriweather fears workers could be sent home again.  Workers will be staying home on Tuesday, as the arsenal is closed for severe weather.

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