New signs to help drivers avoid rail traffic in Colbert County

COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. – A new way-finding project will soon hit the streets in Colbert County’s three largest city’s. Year’s of frustration and constant traffic delays led leaders to find alternate ways around ever-present rail traffic.

“We felt like if we advocated it and promoted the fact there are roads that can be taken, that we will notate with alternate crossing patterns, that it just makes everybody’s schedule better,” explained Tuscumbia Mayor Kerry Underwood.

The alternate roads have always been there, but routing signs will soon mark the way.

Mayor Underwood says the routes have been well thought out. “From Avalon, the option is probably going to be about 2-miles, as long as it takes to make that route. Once you get on Woodward Avenue, you’ve got the red light and the overpass already constructed.”

Speaking of overpasses for train tracks, those have been talked about on many of these crossings for 30-plus years. Mayor Underwood said those are multi-million dollar projects. The signs to keep traffic moving cost $400.

“For me, even if it is slow-moving, I’m happy to be moving,” stated Underwood. “So, if they’ll take a couple of right-hand turns and a left, we’ll have them back out moving again.”

The routes have been picked, and we’re told the signs will begin going up next week. Leaders of the project say the alternate routes were picked by the ease of flow for drivers to navigate and the overall condition of the roads themselves.

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