Cold and Snowy January: A look back at the Top 3 historical January snowfalls in Huntsville

Historically, the coldest air of the winter season tends to arrive in late January — and with it, record snowfall totals.

Here is a look back at the snowiest January days in Huntsville history, which dates back to 1907.

January 29, 1966

This was a bitter cold day in which 7.2 inches of snow fell in Huntsville. The morning temperature registered at -3 degrees Fahrenheit, and daytime highs only reached the upper 20s.

The next day, Alabama recorded the coldest day in history on January 30, 1966 when postmistress and town volunteer weather observer Lucille Hereford recored a -27 degree Fahrenheit temperature reading in New Market.

January 7, 1988

7During a particularly cold stretch during the first week of 1988, as much as 2.5 inches of snow fell on January 6, and another 7.1 inches of snow fell the next day (January 7). Temperatures remained well below freezing for the following few days, allowing over half a foot of snow to remain on the ground into the second week of the year.

January 9, 2011

This event happened in more recent memory, and thankfully it occurred on a Sunday! On January 9, a snowstorm developed from the south and crept north into central/northern Alabama, dropping 6.5 inches of snow as well as temperatures into the teens. The following day, another 2.4 inches of snow fell, and it all froze for a week as temperatures remained at or below freezing in the afternoon, teens to twenties at night.

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