County Commission approves resolution for road improvements near Highway 72 and Balch Road

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - Many drivers already know the frustrations that can come with traveling along Highway 72 through Madison. The Madison County Commission approved a resolution on Wednesday for an improvement district near Highway 72 and Balch Road to ease some of the congestion.

“The developer was looking at trying to improve the road system in the area and trying to work with ALDOT to take some traffic off of Highway 72. We came up with the improvement district to move forward with," said County Commissioner Phil Vandiver.

The road improvements are expected to ease traffic and make way for the new development of Clift Farm. 

"It's going to be about an $8 million dollar improvement with a couple of cut through roads to make it easier for people from the north from Balch Road from Wall Triana to get to the property on 72 without having to go to 72 and add more traffic. They are also going to add a lane to the north side of 72 to make that easier to turn into the Clift Farm's land," said Vandiver.

Vandiver says the road improvements will be a win for everyone.

"They get better roads that are easier to get to Wall Triana and to Balch Road. You get an additional lane down 72 to move traffic. I think there is going to be an additional traffic light that Madison Hospital may be able to use a little bit, so it’s a multiple win situation for everybody,” said Vandiver.

Breland Companies is developing the 550-acre Clift Farm. The company agreed to increase the property tax on that land to pay for the infrastructure improvements around it. The cost of those improvements will then ultimately be paid by future property owners of that land.

"It's going to be a really good thing for our citizens and they are not going to have to pay for it. It's going to be the homeowners, the business owners that will be paying for it," says Vandiver

Vandiver says this road work is the first piece of the puzzle.

"They needed to know how the whole overall development was going to be done so they needed to get this started. We've done this today and we'll come back in a few months and do the assessment for the value of what the homeowners, what the business owners will have to pay," says Vandiver.

The budget for the road work won't be set until the property value is assessed.

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