Teen says government shutdown has changed her family’s lifestyle

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  The partial government shutdown has gone on for 30 days now. It has forced some people to work without pay, others haven't been able to go to work at all.

While we've heard a lot about the impact the shutdown is having on government employees, a North Alabama teen reminded us the impact trickles down.

"It's very serious, and its not just something that is like 'Oh, that's just happening in Washington, D.C.' It's happening everywhere and it impacts people all over," said Shayla Hawkins.

Hawkins said as her mom goes unpaid, it has forced  a lifestyle change for her entire family.

Hawkins's mother, who is a government worker, said she feels a sense of guilt as a parent. Shayla is a high school student and participates in a number of activities.

Shayla is a competitive cheerleader and her mother said they've had to move money around just so they can afford to send her to a competition.

"We've been having to cut back on getting everyday things because of the shutdown," explained Hawkins. "So I've been impacted by not being able to go and get things I normally would get."

Hawkins said she realizes her mom feels guilty, but she wants to remind her it's not her fault.

"Stay strong, and don`t get discouraged," Hawkins continued. "Me and my brother, we understand what she`s going through."

Hawkins believes all young people should pay closer attention to what is happening around them. She wishes that teens took more time to analyze the current state of our government.

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