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New concert and private event venue coming soon to Downtown Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Roughly three years after UG White first opened its doors in downtown Huntsville it had to close them. An early August fire and the resulting water damage left the store too expensive to repair, but some investors are already breathing new life into the space.

Before UG White moved in, the space was used as a concert hall and that idea is coming back.

"It being a culture hub, bringing all kinds of people downtown and it being a great event space," said Jake Peters with PB Holdings. "We want to be a place musicians want to come and play."

PB Holdings is turning the old UG White space into a concert and private event venue and what they want to be a community involvement space.

"I want to have a place the community can really enjoy. We want it to be the heartbeat of downtown and bring everyone around with it cause of all the developments coming through the area, like the hotels and everything, it's a great time to be in here have foot traffic downtown bring it back to life or better than what it is."

Peters says this will be a great event space, but music will be the heartbeat of the venue.

"Geographically, Huntsville is located south of Nashville and close to Birmingham that's a huge musicians route coming from two music cities and that's awesome for us. People want to play in this market just for population alone," Peters said.

PB Holdings is planning to open The Mercantile during the summer of 2019.

Peters says they plan to have a diverse range of musical groups coming to The Mercantile, so he believes there will be something for everyone here in Huntsville to enjoy.

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