County commission chairman discusses government shutdown impact on Madison County

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - The State of the County Address was a time for reflection on Madison County in 2018 and looking forward to growth in 2019.

But, the government shutdown is in day 27 and looms over many people affected by the shutdown within Madison County.

“The big thing is, this is hard for our entire country," says Madison County Commission Chairman, Dale Strong.

Although the shutdown is nationwide, the impact is felt even more in Madison County where there is a high concentration of federal and contract workers.

“The federal government depends on Huntsville and Madison County and we understand our role. But the big thing is we’re doing it now with one arm behind our back and we’re hoping that this is solved sooner rather than later."

Strong says there won’t be any pumping of the breaks here in Madison County. When the government reopens, the county's economy will be back and better than ever. The problem is that still seems far away.

“We are fortunate to have Senator Shelby, Congressman Brooks and the folks that represent us here, but I’ll tell you this right here: communication has got to start in Washington to solve some of these problems rather than the fighting, everybody is pointing fingers. The big thing we know is there’s an impasse right now that somebody’s got to step up and solve it," says Strong.

For now, the community of Madison County is focusing on taking care of the individuals impacted by the shutdown.

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