Government Shutdown affecting more than just government workers

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – It’s been three weeks, and the partial government shutdown is now fully hitting people who don’t even work for the government. Officials with the NACH, North Alabama Coalition for the Homeless, says it’s hitting home here.

“We’re seeing more people that are seeking assistance with utilities, assistance with rent and generally it’s our labor people,” stated NACH Executive Director Lineise Arnold. “People who work in restaurants, people that work in hotels, people that work retail.”

Arnold says the government shutdown is impacting the amount of spending that is done in our community.

“Restaurant workers are seeing less hours, people that work at retail stores are seeing hours being cut which is impacting their ability to be able to pay their rent and their mortgages and sometimes even their abilities to even provide food for their family,” she explained.

Arnold points out that people who are furloughed might not realize where to call for help.

“Not everybody is able to have that emergency rainy day fund set aside for situations where they may have to be off for an extended period of time and there’s no definite end date to this,” she added.

People impacted by the government shutdown are encouraged to call 2-1-1, North Alabama Coalition for the Homeless and other resources like Hardest Hit Alabama.

“There are resources in our community that people aren’t aware of that can help them in their temporary financial hardships,” Arnold stated.  “Hardest Hit Alabama is going to be the most appropriate resource for people that are furloughed.”

NACH officials say their hope is to connect people with the right resources to help in times of need.

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