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Community mourns the loss of 16-year-old motorcyclist

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  The family and friends of 16-year-old Isaac Seeds-Sack are mourning his death, after a fatal wreck on Friday.

Authorities said the teen was attempting to go around another vehicle on Oakwood Avenue when he crashed his motorcycle into a stopped Huntsville Utilities truck that was in a turn lane.

"It really hits me hard, but all of his close family and close friends know his heart was here in Alabama, and he'll always be here with us."

Isaac's close friend Matt Nelson said they became more like brothers over the years.

"He was generally a really happy person," said Nelson. "He smiled all the time, had a really goofy grin but we all loved him for it. We all loved him, his personality."

Nelson said Isaac relocated to North Alabama a few years ago. "He moved here from Melbourne, Florida where he lived with his mother and stepfather. He moved in with his grandmother here."

Nelson said Isaac struggled in school when he initially moved to Alabama, but he was working on moving forward with his education.

"He ended up not completing high school but he wasn't going to give up. He was going to make sure his life was on track, he was going to GED classes," he explained. "Going to get a GED, had a job in the process. We were all really proud of him."

Isaac found solace in mechanic work and motorsports. He'd only had his motorcycle about a month before the crash.

Huntsville Police Department said there will be no criminal investigation.

"At this point after reviewing all evidence and witness statements are pointing to no criminal culpability at this time," explained Lt. Michael Johnson of the Huntsville Police Department. "But we are still reviewing all of that evidence."

Nelson said regardless of who was at fault, he just wants his friend to know, "we were all really, really proud of him."

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