Chilly air lingers this week, but even colder air could arrive soon!

It has been a chilly few days for us! Temperatures have been in the 40s all weekend, but the breeze and rain has kept it feeling like the 30s. We’ll finally dry out on Monday, but it won’t feel any warmer.

A few peaks of sunshine will come through at times Monday afternoon, but most of the day is mostly cloudy and cold! Highs Monday will struggle to make it into the mid 40s, but once again the wind makes the difference; ‘feels like’ temperatures will still be in the 30s due to a steady breeze from the northwest.

Tuesday starts in the upper 20s with a morning freeze, but the afternoon will offer a better recover in our temperatures. A little more sunshine Tuesday afternoon will help boost us to near 50°F.

A Brief Warm-Up: Past the middle of our week we’ll get to warm-up some, but we’ll also have to deal with increasing rain chances. A southerly wind will push us into the 50s from Wednesday through the remainder of the week, while also bringing in moisture ahead of our next storm system.

The first round of rain comes in by Thursday afternoon and lasts through Friday. It doesn’t look like a washout at this point, but scattered showers will hang around most of both days. The next round of rain brings a better chance at soaking rain Saturday through Sunday. We’ll need to iron out the details on this coming weekend’s rain, so check back for updates.

Behind this weekend’s rain a major pattern shift is on the horizon, one that could bring the coldest temperatures of 2019 yet!

Looking ahead to arctic air: We’ve gotten away so far this January without a stretch of truly arctic air making it into Alabama. In the last 30 years only twice (In 1990 and 1993) did we get through January without a blast of cold that kept highs in the 30s. While we haven’t gotten that cold yet this month, we could soon!

There are reliable signs in guidance that suggest a quick hit of arctic air coming in early next week (January 20th-24th). At this point, it looks like the best shot we’ve seen of true arctic air making it into North Alabama so far this year.

Around here a typical blast from the arctic knocks our temperatures into the 20s for lows and 30s for highs. The exact numbers will come into focus later this week, but if you’ve been hoping for (or dreading) real wintry air you might not be waiting much longer!

To keep up with the latest forecast details, check our discussion page regularly:

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