Madison County Commissioners discuss possible gas tax increase

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The state of Alabama has not experienced a gas tax increase since the 1990s. County officials said a gas tax proposal is expected when the legislative session opens in the spring.

Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong said he's interested to see how the money will be divided up to different counties, especially since Madison County is the third largest county in the state.

"We've got to be sure that we get the vast majority of what's collected here in Madison County because we've got so many needs of our own," said Strong.

Strong said there are lots of projects that the increased gas tax could help fund, like the I-565 improvements near the new Mazda-Toyota plant or the widening of Slaughter Road.

There is also concern in making the tax fair. Not all of the vehicles on roads are gasoline powered.

"It's a hard issue, nobody's pointing fingers. It's got to be addressed. They've also got to address, you know we've got cars that are run by battery now, they're traveling the same roads," explained Strong. "We want to be sure that there's a fair process that's going on."

Strong said the county commissioners have already voiced their concerns to state officials.

Govern Kay Ivey agrees that Alabama roads and infrastructure are in need of improvement.

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