Madison County Commission receives $2.5 million refund from board of education

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  A 2013 agreement between the Madison County Commission and the Madison County Board of Education was intended to help build a new high school in Monrovia.

More than 5 years later, that new school is not going to happen. The school board sold the land it purchased for the site of the school and has now refunded $2.5 million to the county.

Commissioners want to make sure they maximize this money. One proposal from Wednesday's commission meeting was to use it to enhance the roads now being used as a result of the Cecil Ashburn closure.

"When they noticed the alternate routes to Huntsville, they noticed some of the issues we have when funding is not what it could be," explained Craig Hill, District 3 Commissioner. "So, my perspective today was to ask for some funds to address some roads and bridges needs that we have."

Hill said he would like to see the money divided eight ways:  to all seven districts and the eighth portion would go toward helping fund the construction of the county's new service center.

"We have a need for a service center, but if we don't have the roads and bridges for residents to get there, then the service center, it'll be a different story we're discussing."

Hill said the county needs to be proactive when it comes to road and bridge repairs.

"We want to get our infrastructure in front of our growth or at least maintain with our growth. We don't want to fall behind. When we fall behind, there's no way to catch up."

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