Landlord of Sam and Greg’s building claims she received threats in comments on social media

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The owner of the building housing Sam and Greg’s Pizza has faced several threatening comments on social media after declining to renew the pizzeria’s lease.

According to our news partners at, Margaret Anne Goldsmith said she received over 1,000 negative comments after Sam and Greg’s had their lease terminated back in November.

Goldsmith said she was frightened after the negative comments rolled in, some of which threatened physical violence.

“One person wrote that I should be lynched,” she stated in a written response.

In the response, she criticized the ease of being able to make negative comments on social media sites such as Facebook.

“The Antagonist (sic) in my story, the ‘bad guy,’ has been Facebook, a social media forum created for friends to keep in touch and share their lives with each other. Unfortunately, Facebook and other social media have also provided a forum for people who don’t know both sides of a story and who may not even know each other, to denigrate, threaten and attempt to destroy the character and good name of the one being attacked.”

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