Ditto Landing closed due to flooding

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Ditto Landing is currently closed due to flooding. The road to the landing and marina is currently under water leaving many people unable to access their boats and property.

WHNT spoke with workers at Ditto Landing who said as soon as the water recedes, it will open again.

River Side Event Center is right across the water from Ditto Landing. Kelsey Hyche, rental manager for the venue, says it was specially built to withstand flooding.

"We built up just for this reason, in case it floods. We built 12 feet off the ground. We can also utilize the space underneath the building. It's also great when it rains," says Hyche.

“It has not affected us just yet. We are glad that the river hasn’t quite risen to our grass yet. Got a few weddings planned for January and we’re still on," continued Hyche.

Dr. John Wisda owns River Side Event Center and says when Ditto Landing was built, people were less concerned about flooding.

"Ditto Landing was built probably 40 years ago and they had less sensitivity to floods in those days. If it flooded it flooded, no one seemed to care so they didn't raise the roads as high as the could have raised the roads," says Wisda.

With the high waters and more rain to come, people with boats will have a hard time getting access to them. Wisda says he understands why it might be frustrating for boat owners.

"The level of our land is higher than the level of Ditto Landings land or at least the Ditto Landing entrance. That's what the people over there are complaining about. They can't go through the entrance because it is flooding."

Ditto Landing has had about five inches of rain since December 26. The sun isn't in the forecast until the weekend, and it might be even longer until people can get to their boats.


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