One year later: First homicide of 2018 remains unsolved

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Though it is only day one, Huntsville Police said there have not been any gun assaults so far in 2019.

That wasn't the case a year ago.

21-year-old Adrian Porter was shot shortly after midnight on January 1, 2018.  He died a short time later that morning, making him the first homicide of the year.

365 days later, his homicide remains unsolved.

Huntsville Police said they are still working to close the case and that they prioritize keeping in touch with homicide victims' families.

“The family has been contacted like we do all victims families," said Lt. Michael Johnson. "And actually a little bit of an update was given in relation to some forensics evidence."

Porter was shot outside the Palladium Special Events Center following a New Year's Eve party in 2018.

Authorities said the shooting took place following an altercation on the dance floor during the celebration.

Donna Howell lost her son to gun violence in 2014 and has since started a support group for other Huntsville families.

She's worked with Porter's family and describes them as very private, but Howell said those who know something should say something.

“One person can change things—if one person would step up," explained Howell.  "Number one, I want people to know their children aren’t forgotten; that we won’t forget their children."

Howell decorates her yard with photos of Huntsville children (which she considers up to age 25) during the holidays. The youngest victim, Livia Robinson,  was shot at the age of three. The most recent photo she has added is of seven-year-old Colton Lee, the young boy killed by Jimmy O'Neal Spencer in July 2018.

“I wan’t the community to see, these are human beings, these aren’t numbers, these aren’t a blurb on the news and then they’re gone," Howell added. "No, these are kids that lost their lives that had people that loved them.”

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