Gas prices continue dropping in 2019

Gas prices have been unpredictably high and low in 2018, according to senior petroleum analyst Dan McTeague.

"Back at Memorial Day Weekend, we saw average prices almost hit three dollars a gallon and we've dropped 77 cents a gallon since then as a country," he stated.

As the year comes to a close, McTeague explained the drop in prices.

"Right now, there is an overhang if you will, a glut of oil, and of course right here in America, we are producing record levels of oil and we're not likely to slow down any time soon, so there's going to be a real challenge to prices rising," he explained.

Gas in Huntsville averages a $1.98 a gallon. Compared to this time last month, the price is down 22 cents.

McTeague said the drop in price has been beneficial to motorists.

"For motorists, it has been nothing short of a spectacular year in which many thought the prices would continue to rise, only to have them drop, and that is the reason why I think more people are walking around with more money in their wallets," he added.

WHNT spoke with several drivers about the current price of gas.

Some are using their savings at the pump to pay down their credit cards.

"With Christmas just passing, it makes it a lot easier to pay off the credit cards and stuff like that," said Robert Furr.

Other drivers say they are thankful for the money being saved at the pumps.

"It`s a blessing, you know, just being able to have that little bit of extra cash in my pocket to spend it on snacks in the store or groceries, added Tyler Parker. "Whatever it is, extra money is always extra money."

Wade Kendrick is another driver that`s happy about the current prices. He hopes they don`t change any time soon.

"Well, I think it`s getting down to a level it needs to be and stay at, and I think that`s good for the economy," he said.

Experts say drivers should continue to see gas prices decreasing slowly into 2019.

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