Bama fans honored to cheer for the Crimson Tide

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - For Alabama fans, the College Football Playoff isn't new territory: five years of the playoffs and five appearances for the Crimson Tide.

Each appearance is huge for the state.

"We're not just representing the state of Alabama, we're representing the whole south," exclaimed Codie Anderson, an Alabama fan.

"Everybody loves Alabama, it's just a great place to be," added Tide fan Dale Guess.

The College Football Playoff started in the 2014 season, and Bama hasn't missed a year since.

"Win or lose, to be able to represent something for five years, it just speaks volumes on the type of program that the University of Alabama has and the people of Alabama can represent," Anderson said.

WHNT News 19 asked Bama fans in Huntsville what it's like cheering for a team that might be the best ever in college football.

"It's great having the great people of Alabama being able to represent their team every year," Anderson said.

"You're pulling for a team that's got a winning tradition," Guess said. They win, they make it to the National Championship every year. They don't always win, they're not always going to win, but at least they're there. We're proud of them."

Win or lose, Bama fans are always proud of the Tide, and they're honored to call Alabama their team.


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