Flooding is an issue throughout North Alabama, with more rain to come

NORTH ALABAMA - The rain has stopped for now, but more is on its way. The heavy rains have caused flooding throughout the south. Emergency management is handling the flooding here in the Tennessee Valley, and how they are preparing for the rain that's still to come.

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"The weather service says we've gotten up to four inches in parts of Madison County," said Scott Worsham, an Emergency Management Officer for Huntsville/Madison County Emergency Management.

The rain's effects are still being felt.

"Well, certainly it makes all the small streams and creeks rise. There is some ponding of water on the roadways," said Worsham.

Indian Creek and Paint Rock river overflowed, flooding walkways and fields.

"It mainly impacts farmland maybe a few low lying roads. Typically when we start getting into moderate to major flood is when we start worrying about homes," he said.

The water is starting to dry up, but more rain is on the way.

"We do have concerns that if we do have additional heavy rains coming up on Sunday evening and Monday that it could exacerbate possible worsen the flooding issues that we have on some of the rivers."

He said their number one concern is river levels.

"With us having good weather tomorrow, Saturday and into Sunday, before the rain starts again, we think that any flooding would subside, but additional rain may make those streams top off again," said Worsham.

He said if you see water and you don't know how deep it is, stay out of it. And that even small puddles on the road can cause your car to hydroplane.

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