Flooding at Indian Creek Greenway catches citizens off guard

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - The heavy rains which resulted in flooding across North Alabama caught some people off guard.

"I knew it was raining. I did not think it would rain this much. It was pretty surprising," said Elizabeth Kuebbing.

Indian Creek Greenway is known for flooding.

"There's a bridge down there and when it's really deep, the water gets close," said Daryl Olsen. "I've never seen it go over the top of the bridge but it floods out in the grass."

People visiting the park Friday morning didn't expect the water to be as deep as it was.

"So I pulled up and I saw the park and the park is absolutely swamped, which it looked really cool. So instead of turning around and going home, I decided to get out and check it out. The park itself is pretty deep in water and then I found the sidewalk and I decided to follow it and it got about to my knees in the water height," said Elizabeth Kuebbing.

Daryl Olsen lives in the neighborhood nearby and didn't expect the park to still be flooded, but says that now, the flooding is gone faster than it used to be.

"A couple of years ago, they put in a lot more drainage. It used to be, it would flood there and it might be flooded for two or three days before you could walk. Now it's usually gone within half a day," said Olsen.

WHNT saw several people walking around and checking things out.

"I was very surprised at how deep the water was, and where the river actually is supposed to be. It's moving very rapidly," said Kuebbing.

"I go down and walk down there. I can't quite tell if it's covered over or not. If it is, then I just walk back and forth over here for about an hour," said Olsen.

Experts say it is never safe to walk or drive through flood waters no matter how curious you might be about the depth.

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