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Sanitizing issues on this week’s Restaurant Ratings

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Madison County

Mei Wei Asian Cuisine

309 Pelham Ave SW, Huntsville, AL 35801

Score: 80

  • Two hand sinks were not accessible due to items inside and in front of hand sinks. The highest registering temperature at the hand sinks in the restrooms was 97ºF.
    • Follow up: The manager removed all of the items from and in front of the hand sinks. The highest registering temperature in the restrooms was 102ºF.
  • During cold holding, raw chicken was at  57ºF, 47ºF and 52ºF, raw steak was at 53ºF, cooked noodles were at 46ºF, and raw shrimp at 48ºF.
    • Follow up: Raw chicken was at 39ºF, steak was at 40ºF, shrimp was at 38ºF, and cooked noodles were at 40ºF.
  • The warewashing machine (multi-purpose kitchen dishwasher) sanitizer had  0ppm (parts per million) of chlorine while an employee was washing dishes.
    • Follow up: The sanitizer at the warewashing machine was at 100ppm of chlorine.
  • During hot holding, rice was at 122 F. The person in charge stated that it wasn't plugged in and he wasn't sure how long it had been sitting there.
    • Manager discarded rice.


The manager says most of the violations were due to malfunction or damaged equipment and they were fixed right away.

The first three violations were corrected by the follow-up and the rice was thrown away that day.

He hopes people still come down and visit.


Pizza Hut

300 Governors Dr SW, Huntsville, AL 35801

Score: 80


  • There was residue in the tea nozzles.
    • Follow up: The manager cleaned the tea nozzles.
  • The can opener was dirty. The scoop used for scooping up pizza toppings was cracked/chipped.
    • Follow up: The can opener was clean and the chipped and cracked scoops were discarded.
  • Chemical test strips for three-compartment sink were not provided.
    • Follow up: The manager provided chemical test strips.
  • The warewashing hose at the three-compartment sink was below the rim of the sink.
    • Follow up: The manager fixed the hose so that it is now above the rim of the sink.

They were not able to comment.

All violations were corrected.



Clean Plate Winner:


1591 Hughes Rd suite c, Madison, AL 35758

Score: 98

Craving pizza and pasta? How about a gyro or spanakopita?

You can find them all in the same place!

Rome2Greece on Hughes Rd. in Madison is helping you get that Mediterranean fix.

Owner John Yenigun has put hard work and countless hours into the decor and food, picking up fresh produce from the grocery store every morning.

Comforting Italian dishes like scrumptious house pizza with multiple toppings shares the menu with authentic Greek dishes like a gyro plate with refreshing greek salad.

Don't forget to finish it off with sweets like tiramisu and baklava.

Since opening in May, Rome2Greece already has regular customers who understandably keep coming back for more.


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