Families welcome their Christmas babies

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - In many households, Christmas is celebrated by opening presents on Christmas morning but for a few families, their present was a little bit more lively.

Baby Stokes - 7:42 pm, 6 pounds, 12 ounces, 18 inches

The due date was January 3rd, so this Christmas baby surprised her mom and dad, Trisheena and Frank Stokes. But her parents say they were even more surprised when they found out the gender.

“We were just so sure that this was going to be a boy. But I will tell you that my son, my 4-year-old, he was pretty certain from the day he knew I was expecting that it was going to be a girl," says Trisheena.

And while some people would be excited about a holiday birthday, Dad may beg to differ. “As someone who has a birthday around Christmas, it’s not a very exciting time for you. You kind of get skimped out on the gifts.

“So, we’ve been talking about if we have to do the half birthdays we’ve heard people talk about. Maybe one in June and then celebrate again in December, so we’ll see.”

And if you're anticipating the announcement of the name, you'll have to wait just a bit longer. Trisheena and Frank had several names picked out for the anticipated boy, but with the baby girl surprising them, they were sent back to the drawing board.

Baby Gabriella Walker - 5:35 a.m., 8 pounds, 22 inches


Jennifer woke up at 2:30 a.m. on Christmas morning, hoping baby Gabriella wasn't coming yet. She wanted to celebrate Christmas with her other three children while watching them open and play with presents.

The contractions were getting closer together so she woke up her children and let them each open one present from Santa. Then they hopped upon their own sleigh and drove to the hospital. With an arrival time of 4:15 a.m., Gabriella was born soon after.

Jennifer says she Facetimed from the hospital room to watch her kids open the rest of their Christmas presents. A Christmas baby and a Christmas wish came true.

Baby Gabrielle is the first Christmas baby at the new North Alabama Medical Center in Florence, Alabama.

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