Badly burned dog nearly ready to go home in Marshall County

ALBERTVILLE, Ala. -- A dog badly burned in Marshall County back in October is nearly ready to go home.

When we first met Sky, the light-colored, medium-sized dog was in a lot of pain. Someone had badly burned most of her body in late October. We met her just a few days after it happened. Her owner said her neighbor saw the dog running, on fire. Sky's family got her care right off the bat.

Douglas police officers are looking for the person who burned Sky, and welcome any information.

A small group called Friends of Marshall County Animals stepped in to help fund Sky's care, and she's been at McCrory Animal Clinic in Albertville recovering.

WARNING: The images in this gallery might be upsetting.

Now, she's almost ready to come home, and the transformation is something to see. "We are just delighted," said Friends of Marshall County Animals member Mary Harris, "I talked to her mommy last night and her mommy is so anxious to have her home."

Sky has one patch of skin that hasn't healed up yet, but overall, she's a new dog. "We're just waiting on her to heal right now," Harris said.

People all over the area have wanted to help Sky through recovery. "I've had lots of comments from lots of people and I've had lots of people donate specifically to help pay the vet bill because you know, this is not going to be inexpensive even though Dr. Garrett is very good to us," Harris said.

"From the first day she was here, in as much pain as she had to have been in, she has been a perfect patient," she added.

Sky went from hobbling on three legs with a quiet demeanor to jumping on four - clearly feeling much better.

She's going to be an inside dog when she goes home, which Harris said hopefully will be soon.

Friends of Marshall County Animals is selling 2019 calendars for $25. All of the proceeds go to helping animals in Marshall County. You can click here for contact info for the group to buy one.

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